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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions on Pledging/Payments

How do I increase my pledge?

Why is it not showing on my FOH Maroon Points?
The FOH database is updated once a month, normally around the 20th of each month. This is because we are collating all information from Gocardless, Paypal and Standing Orders. Your top up payment will show in your Maroon Points once this update has been completed.

I need to change some personal details on my account. For example my e-mail address. How do I do this?
Contact GoCardless on help@gocardless or 0207 183 8674.

How can I cancel my existing direct debit?
Contact GoCardless on help@gocardless or 0207 183 8674. 

I live overseas and can’t use the gocardless online payment system. How can I pledge? 
Visit and use the PayPal pledge buttons.

Why haven’t I received an acknowledgement for my pledge from gocardless?
Check spam, then contact GoCardless to make sure email correct, then contact FoH at:

Can I make a one-off lump sum payment instead of paying a monthly direct debit?
Yes.  Please go to scroll down click the “Top Up” button to make a payment.

How can I access my FOH account to view my Maroon Points?
You can access your FOH account by logging in at using your email address as username and the password you were sent. If you have not received a password for your FOH account please get in touch by e-mailing us at

I have not received logon details for the FOH website?
First step is to check your spam or junk folders. If no email has been received please check your email address is correct via GoCardless (see above). If your email address is correct use the Forgotten Password link within Your Account. Enter the email address on your GoCardless account and the system will send an email containing a link. Click the link and enter your new password (you will be asked to enter it twice for confirmation). When you have saved this attempt logging in again at

When do I get my next fan reward? 
You can access your FOH account by logging in at  using your email address as username and the password you were sent. Here you can see your current Maroon Points and a thermometer showing the next reward you can achieve and the additional number of points required to get you there.

I don't seem to get emails from FoH?
We use a mass email system called Mailchimp and they can end up in junk and spam folders. Please check there on the first instance.

Finally, if you have any difficulties with your payment which are not answered here, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions about the Tribute Kit for next season

If I cancel my pledge will my points be held in my account until I can re-start pledging?

Will my name automatically go on the tribute strip if I've achieved 180 points or do I need to get in touch with FOH to register?
Your name will automatically go on the tribute strip.

When will I be able to buy the tribute kit?
We aim to have the kit on sale Pre Christmas 2015.

Will FOH carry out a name check before the strip is manufactured?
Yes, FOH will send an email out to all members whom have achieved the 180 points total.  

How can the Club ensure there will be enough tribute strips in stock at the Club shop?
The Club will carry out a survey very soon to gauge how many strips we will require.  

What happens if my name ends up being under the Club badge or manufacturer logo on the strip?
Any names that end up under the badge or logo will be displayed somewhere else on the strip.  

Will the tribute strip carry a sponsorship logo?

How much will the fan tribute kit cost?
Exactly the same cost as next seasons home and away strip.

Can I change the name that will appear on the tribute strip? 
Contact to check name

Frequently Asked Questions about the plots and ceremonies to receive awards

When will the Plot and Club membership awards ceremonies start to take place?
We aim to carry out one Plot award ceremony this season, next season we will have regular ceremonies throughout the campaign.  

How will I know when to attend a ceremony?
FOH will send out an invite by email for the next available ceremony to members that have reached the various points totals.

What happens if I can't attend the ceremony I have been invited to?
Email us at and we will put your name forward for the next available ceremony.  


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